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Interface Software

Qbit-Web is a Windows based software tool that allows for cube and weight data collected by the CubiScan to be transferred to an existing WMS, TMS, or manifesting system using a built-in Internet Browser Session. This interface software replaces the standard Internet Browser Session and allows for the data to be transferred to individual cube and weight field locations on the browser session screen. A few screen captures are included below illustrating the functionality and setup procedures for this easy to use software package.

Qbit-Web contains setup options used to specify a default Home Page (your warehouse application “sign-in” URL) and the ability to enable or disable normal internet navigation features located on the main Qbit-Web screen.

The Host Fields tab allows the user to define the data field format for each cube and weight data location. “Measure 1 Fields” can be used to set up the first unit of measure (i.e. case). “Measure 2 Fields” can be used to set up a second unit of measure (i.e. inner pack) and so on. The cube and weight data is sent to the Measure Fields in the browser session by means of identifying the HTML input names for those Measure Fields. These names can be found by clicking the “Get Input Names” button while the current web page that contains the cube and weight fields is being displayed in the Qbit-Web application. The “Test” button sends generic data to the measure fields to verify that the correct HTML input names are being used.

Once the software setup is complete, the “MSR 1”, “MRS 2”, and “MSR 3” buttons are used to execute the measurement, and the cube and weight data is sent to the proper measure field locations. The “MSR 1&2” button will send data to the “Measure 1 Fields” and “Measure 2 Fields” locations simultaneously (see Figure 2).

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