Cubing & Weighing Systems

Our cubing and weighing systems, called CubiScans, will help you operate more efficiently as they become an essential part of your cubing effort in logistics planning, storage space allocation, material sorting, manifesting, and general material handling and warehousing processes.

Dimension Scanning for irregular shaped and cuboidal items

Static Dimensioning Systems

CubiScan static systems are designed to accurately measure and weigh stationary items in a warehouse or freight handling operation where valuable cube and weight information is electronically collected and sent directly to a warehouse management or freight manifesting system. From small, battery-powered mobile work stations to large pallet dimensioning systems, Quantronix offers the broadest range of static dimensioning and weighing systems on the market.
CubiScan In Motion Systems

In Motion Systems

CubiScan in-motion systems are designed to measure and weigh parcels as they travel on high-speed conveyor lines in a warehouse, transportation, or freight manifesting application. A number of in-line CubiScan models are available that use a variety of sensing technologies to measure a parcel's length, width, and height at speeds up to 600 feet per minute.

Software Interface - CubiScan


Software Interfaces for Your CubiScan System
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