Static and In-Motion Cubing Testimonials

United Book Distributors, PAG

By United Book Distributors, PAG

In purely financial terms, it’s quite feasible that CubiScan’s dimensioning and our other system’s use of that information deliver savings in the realm of 10 or more percent in our distribution cost.

Dollar General

By Dollar General

Using a CubiScan helped to smoothly and efficiently implement their WMS, resulting in immediate cost savings and increased productivity. Now, all of the company’s distribution facilities employ at least 2 CubiScan 100s to maintain accurate cube and weight data.



By deploying the CubiScan in a portable configuration with a mobile cart, the people in Venray were able to take the CubiScan to the freight and collect accurate dimensional and weight data in less time and without error.

Home Depot

By Home Depot

The division’s other 19 DCs have been able to take advantage of it too. Measurements stored in the WMS are available systemwide, which means any facility can use the data collected in Philadelphia to optimize its own storage areas.


By Pelco

Using Cubiscan product has completely eliminated audits by freight companies, reducing costs and saving money not only for Pelco, but the freight companies as well.

Trommer and Associates

By Trommer and Associates

In the past utilizing the old method of a Tape measure was time consuming and inaccurate, due to various employees ability to read a tape measure. We also were unable to collect the weight of each SKU to be slotted.


By Staples

Staples has saved a lot of money with the combination of good dimensional information and on-demand packaging. They have reduced the amount of protective filler material by 60 percent. The smaller boxes have also saved about 20 percent of the space on their trucks, which saves fuel and shipping costs.

Ditan Distribution

By Ditan Distribution

You can’t bring in a Fortune 500 company and tell them we’re measuring their boxes with a ruler.

Home Depot

By Home Depot

Workers no longer need tape measures to figure out how many cartons of spray paint or pallets of power tools will fit in a particular rack. A quick trip to the CubiScan tells them in seconds exactly how much space each item, carton or pallet will occupy and how much it weighs

Trommer and Associates

By Trommer and Associates

The time save is related to providing the client with accurate cube data in a shorter period of time, which allows their project to be completed quicker than in the past.If you are considering a project to capture accurate inventory cube data or updating old inventory databases, we would highly recommend that you contact Quantronix to help you select the best Cubiscan product for your project.


By Pelco

Reliable declarations have increased Pelco’s leverange to better rates and more favorable terms with its freight carriers.

Christian Art Gift

By Christian Art Gift

I would like to say Thank-you for your professional customer service and helping us resolve the problems we were experiencing. I feel very confident that we will now be able to achieve our objectives with this piece of equipment.

Randy Schuster, Vickerman Company

By Randy Schuster, Vickerman Company

Kudo’s to your company on the fast implementation of the CubiScan 150. We made our decision last Wednesday to move forward with the project, and through your shipping department’s order processing system, we received the dimensioning and weighing system last Friday afternoon. Your technical staff was great! Just before closing time, we were able to develop the software over the weekend and move it into production shortly after 8:00am on Monday morning. Order-to-production time: 3 business days. Well done!