Mission, Vision, Values


Quantronix develops, distributes, sells and services high-quality dimension scanning equipment, related software, related weighing equipment, and material handling integration services.


Quantronix is a premier worldwide provider of dimension scanning equipment and services for supply chain, logistics, parcel post and transportation applications. Forward thinking and initiative will open doors of opportunity; integrity will foster and preserve important relationships; and devotion to quality and customer service will keep us competitive as we face the needs of a rapidly changing world.


Our employees are our greatest assets; our suppliers are our business partners; and our customers are our friends and benefactors. Together we seek to provide value in ways that are engaging and profitable. Our priorities are to:

  1. Ceaselessly strive to reach our individual and collective best.
  2. Treat others as we want to be treated.
  3. Invest in our business to ensure growth and security for the future.

Accomplishments of our business objectives will allow us to reward employees and shareholders for their trust in our management of business opportunities and for their contributions to our success.